Design and build of Mobile apps to
maximise interaction with your customers

Mobile apps for restaurants
We help businesses improve customer loyalty and increase sales by 10-20% …For as little as £380

Welcome to our new range of mobile apps, CafeApps, for android, Blackberry and iPhone. With over 472 million smartphones already in use globally and with this figure growing and predicted to pass one billion over the next four years, creating a mobile app for your customers should be viewed as a critical part of your marketing. Our fully customised mobile apps deliver a cost-effective, quick and easy-to-use mobile application that is a great way to reward repeat customers, facilitate ordering, build loyalty, create social buzz and help new customers find out about you.

Our mobile apps give your business a spot on your customer’s most beloved device… their smartphone

Your business will be just one click, flick or swipe away.


  • Fully branded customised app
  • Online bookings / reservations
  • Online ordering – can be changed in real time.
  • Cost effective
  • Integration with your current website
  • Add multiple locations with multiple paypal accounts with just one app.
  • Full reporting analytics
  • Social Media integration
  • In-app payment – customer can pre-pay with our clever in-app payment function
  • QR codes and discounts – Keep them coming back. Reward your loyal customers by sending them great discounts or special offers
  • E-marketing – communicate with your clients! Email special offers or arrange an email blast to your customer base. So they can remember your business and products and services!
  • Available in days not weeks or months.

Additional Services

  • Big Bark Creative has a vested interest in your success. Our business model means that if your business doesn’t make any money – neither do we. This means that we want to get you as many orders as possible.
  • We don’t stop at just providing you with an online and mobile presence and ordering system though. We also provide you step-by-step plans on how you can double (or even triple) your revenue. This includes guides on:
    • How to effectively start and manage the integrated electronic customer loyalty program to drive even more repeat business
    • How to use new technologies such as the built-in user mailing list for more effective marketing

For more information please call us on 0118 22 4949 or email us